What materials are used in the manufacture of sleeve boxes and why

What materials are used in the manufacture of sleeve boxes and why

Curious to know about the different types of materials are used to manufacture the sleeve boxes? Here are the most popular ones with the reasons for their popularity.

Sleeve boxes are one of the most elegant types of packaging all over the world. They are made out of different types of materials like rigid cardboard, corrugated cardboard, kraft, etc. They provide enormous safety to the products packed inside them. They have two parts; the upper one is a sleeve covering the inner one which is a tray or a plane box. The upper one is printed with alluring designs and colors. The inner one is generally printed with the logo and the name of the company. Mostly, embossed or engraving printing technologies are used for the inner part. The upper part is laminated with a vinyl sheet to provide a premium appearance. Most of the time, the inner part is manufactured with a handle to easily pull it out from the sleeve. These packages can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes according to the requirements of the product.

The sleeve boxes are a versatile and diverse type of packaging that is liked by numerous types of businesses. They can be manufactured with different materials according to the need of the business. These are some of the most used materials for these packages for these reasons.

Corrugated cardboard

Many of the Custom Sleeve Boxes are manufactured with corrugated materials. This material is made by sandwiching the s-shaped hot-pressed carton board sheets between two simple carton boards. They can be manufactured with two walls or three walls. Their strength can be increased by increasing the sheet thickness. Moreover, the thickness of the s-shaped sheet can also be increased to provide more sturdiness. Generally, it is used to manufacture the base of Cheap Sleeve Boxes. But they can also be used to manufacture the sleeve of the package. They are very budget-friendly as well. The following are some of the many reasons why they are used to manufacture these packages.

  • Reasons:

    • They are very economical, so they are affordable for most businesses.
    • Their strength can be regulated.
    • Their shapes and sizes can be altered easily according to the requirements of the products.
    • The materials used to manufacture them are easily available.
    • They are eco-friendly.

Cardboard stock

This is one of the most common stocks used to manufacture cardboard sleeve packaging. This stock is readily available in the market. Cardboard sleeve packaging suppliers can manufacture both parts of these packages with this stock. The strength of the cardboard sheet is regulated by altering the thickness of the sheet. They can be printed with high-quality printing materials. They can also be printed with different types of printing technologies. The ink stays on for a long period on them. Businesses can get them manufactured in personalized shapes and designs to beat the competition. The upper part is generally laminated with a vinyl sheet to make it water-resistant. The inner part is mostly manufactured with a dedicated handle to provide easiness of handling. The following are some reasons why they are used.

  • Reasons:

    • This stock is very effective for printing the information as high-resolution cardboard sleeve printing can be done on it.
    • This stock can be economical in cost when bought in bulk quantity.
    • The packages can be made in versatile ways due to these materials.
    • It is beneficial for the atmosphere, as well.

Kraft Materials

These materials are used by many businesses to make kraft sleeve Packaging boxes. They provide a classical look to the packages. Generally, the upper part is manufactured with kraft to provide an elegant appearance to the packaging. The lower part is made up of cardboard. But some businesses prefer to manufacture both parts, the sleeve, and the tray or the box with the kraft. They can be customized in numerous ways. The personalized die-cut window can be made on the covering part to showcase in style. These are some reasons that show why these materials are used in manufacturing custom packaging sleeves.

  • Reasons:

    • They give a classical appearance to the packaging.
    • They can be customized in numerous ways.
    • They are ecological, so harmless to nature.
    • The die-cut window looks more attractive to them.
    • They are easily available in the market.

Rigid Cardboard

This type of material is used by packaging manufacturers when the targeted customers are premium brands. A sturdy cardboard sheet is used to manufacture the sleeve packaging. This one has high rigidity due to the thick and sturdy sheet. They can easily be printed in high quality by different types of printings like embossing, engraving, lithography, digital printing, etc. Due to this, Custom Printed Sleeve Packaging shows the rich style and class of the brand. The following are a few of the reasons behind the use of rigid materials.

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  • Reasons:

    • They provide immense protection to the products.
    • They are pretty economical as compared to other sturdy packaging.
    • The rigid sleeve gift boxes are excellent to showcase the rich taste of the brand.

Recycled materials

All of these types of materials can be manufactured from recycled resources. These resources provide economical materials for the manufacturing of Custom Sleeve Boxes. Corrugated cardboard, rigid cardboard, kraft, etc. all can be recycled many times and manufactured with recycled resources as well. This reduces pollution due to solid waste. Their quality does not degrade very much after recycling as well. The following are some reasons to use recycled materials.

  • Reasons:

    • They are the most economical materials.
    • They provide plenty of benefits to nature.
    • They can be printed easily as well.
    • They are readily available.

Sleeve packaging is no more just a protective measure for the products of the companies. It has a lot more features now, so many businesses consider different materials to manufacture them according to their needs. These were some of the top ones that are mostly used to manufacture custom packaging sleeves.

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